Our Mission

A mission statement articulates what the school strives to achieve. The school aims to prepare children who are well-rounded individuals and responsible citizens equipped to face the challenges of life. We also seek to instill in our students the values of modernity—individual conscience, human rights, concern for the common good and active participation as citizens of a democracy. Our constant endeavour is to instill in every young mind those values, ethos and principles which make an individual a human being in the truest sense. With the aforesaid vision in mind, we seek to achieve the following by the year 2020:

  1. To cultivate a love of learning and knowledge while nurturing different learning styles.
  2. To develop a student centric, nurturing environment to enhance student participation and general performance by 15%.
  3. To inculcate the love of reading and improve reading habit among children by updating the library and conducting reading campaigns.
  4. ICT to be embedded throughout the curriculum to aid the learning process.
  5. To provide more opportunities and upgrade student performance in extracurricular activities/ competitions, both inside and outside the school.
  6. To develop patriotism and pride in one’s country through activities which showcase the glory of India.
  7. To be rooted in the values of honesty, integrity and respect for all.